Sherrel and I were classmates and spent many a day side-by-side in the ag room trying to stay in our teacher's good graces.  We reconnected this year when I discovered she was a nurse, taking care of my late grandmother.  To say she is a gift from God is the only way I know how to put it.  She's been a blessing for years...but especially this one.  So, we did a fun shoot to spend a bit more time together in a happier setting.  Love you, Sherrel!


I spent a Saturday afternoon with this beautiful girl and her family...and horse!  It's always so fun for me to see personalities emerge in a senior session, and I love hearing about their future plans.  Mason took me to their lease, and boy was it gorgeous!  With a beautiful view of the Rabbit Ear mountains, and a few shots with her animals, it was a great session!  Thanks for getting in front of the camera, Mason!

Wells | Wedding

I had the honor of shooting this intimate wedding in November.  After a break for the holidays, I'm finally getting it posted.  This couple is joining two families from across the globe, (he's from Australia!), and it was such a beautiful ceremony in her parents' home.  The love was permeating everything, and the day was just perfect.  Family, close friends, and two people committing their lives to each other...the best kind of day!  God bless your life together, Mr. and Mrs. Wells!


Oh, this girl...hard to even know where to start.  She has been our babysitter for three years now, and doing her senior photos makes me a teeny bit sad.  Not for her, of course, but for us!  Because we will miss her so!  She has a heart of gold and is one of the kindest, humblest young women I know.  Zoey loves my kids like they were her own and is always so quick to help when we need it!  She has been a true blessing for all of us, and I hate to think of a summer without her, BUT, all will be well.  Zoey, we love you to death!


This beautiful girl and her fun siblings came for this shoot with lots of awesome ideas and fun places to go!  We had the best time!  Her sweet mom has always been the kindest to all of my babies, so it was so nice to be able to do something for her "baby" girl.  Danni is not only a talented artist, but one of the sweetest young ladies.  Gorgeous inside and out, this senior so much going for her!