Origenes | Wedding

Liz contacted me this past spring via email asking if I would be interested in traveling to shoot she and Christian's wedding in the fall.  It was my first inquiry from someone I did not know at all, even via a mutual friend.  It was such a compliment to receive her email, and in the short correspondence we had getting to know details, I knew it was something I wanted to make happen if at all possible.  So, when I found a way to make it happen, I was thrilled!  With each email I received, I got to know Liz a bit more and knew I was in for a beautiful, holy wedding. What I did not know was how amazing all of her family would be as well.  As Jeremy and I made the trip to New Jersey and pulled into her driveway to start the wedding day, it was nothing short of amazing...in every way.  Her family was the most welcoming, her ceremony and reception incredibly inviting, and every aspect of the day pointed toward God.  When saying yes to her inquiry this spring, I had no idea that I would sit here now posting a series of photos of people I now consider lifelong friends.  Thank you Liz and Christian for the opportunity, and thank you for blessing my life!