It's not often that a momma can get her college kiddos home for family pictures, or agree to them at that!  But, this one did!  And, she even added a soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  Whether it was joke-telling or funny antics, there wasn't a dull moment here - what a fun session!


I talked this sweet family into letting me doing a bit more casual photoshoot - think less styled and directed, more like chasing my own kids around.  And, I loved it!  Of course it helps when I have the most wonderful family to work with.  This precious little man never stopped, and he was as sweet as could be!  Thanks for allowing me to capture your precious family!


It's not often that I get asked to do rehearsal dinners, but I'm so thankful I did.  The 24 hours spent with this family was nothing short of amazing!  Love was all around!  The uncle of the groom was set to cater the event (both it and the wedding dinner I believe).  But, that uncle lived in Houston.  And, days before the wedding, Hurricane Harvey hit.  Instead of making it out of Houston, he stayed to save lives and cook for anyone who might walk through his doors needing a meal.  So, while what he was doing was of upmost importance, there was still a rehearsal (and a wedding!) to be had.  That is when all of the friends came together and not only made it work, but made it picture-book beautiful!  What a blessing it was to be surrounded by so much love.


They asked me to come to their family farm and take photos in corn and sunflower fields - it was beautiful!  This photographer momma was wanting some pictures with her precious boy since it's rare that she's in front of the camera - so we did just that.  Thanks for letting me spend the evening with you - give that John Deere loving boy a hug from me!


These were some of my first clients, and they came back a couple years later!  I love having repeat clients, and especially sweet ones like these!  This little guy has a grandfather who is his everything, and whenever they get together, life is grand!  These two cowboys are inseparable, and I love it.  Thanks for coming back, Alma - you guys mean so much to me!