Oh this family!  I truly photograph some of the most wonderful people, and these rank high on the list.  Trilby and I became friends a little over a year ago, and she has been such a gift!  From talking me off the proverbial ledge when I get a little too stressed to showing up with cake just when I need it most.  And her family is no different!  Any time we are together, our kiddos are having fun, and most of the time one of hers is taking care of one of mine.  To say that she has been a blessing is an understatement.  I adore this family of six...almost as much as I do my own!


We had a quick session with these cute kiddos and their parents one Saturday afternoon in November, and they were a dream!  Always answering my worried-mother-i-need-advice-from-a-nurse questions, I don't know what I'd do without Dana!  She's the best!  Thanks so much for letting me capture these loving moments.


This family is nothing short of amazing!  They are some of the most loving, kindest people around.  Aly babysat for us when we first moved back, before she want to college, and J.O. has helped us on the ranch for years.  We go to church with them, and I just love them to death!  


Jana was a friend of mine growing up...a few years older, she was one of those girls I looked up to.  So, you can imagine how blessed I felt when she asked me to get a few family photos for her.  What a fun group this was!  There wasn't a moment we weren't laughing and enjoying the time.  Again, it's always such a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful families via this hobby of mine.  Thank you, Lees family!


I think I've said it more than once, but this wedding was such a blessing in so many ways.  The joy that emanated from this family was something to strive for!  They were the most welcoming, loving people ever.  I felt like I became part of the family the minute I introduced myself, and it didn't stop there.  The conversations back and forth since the wedding have been so uplifting and simply a ray of light.  That's what this family is...light in this sometimes dark world.  From the uncle who couldn't make it because he was saving Hurricane Harvey victims to the friends who jumped in to cook the meal last-minute, I wish you could have been there.  And, if you've ever read the Style Me Pretty blog, this is a page from it!  God bless you, as you have me!